Your Support

Here's how your support directly helps the district...

  • Flexible seating options

    PTO grants have helped me to build a more comfortable learning environment through flexible seating options. Students love to wiggle while they work using the wobble seats I received last year!

  • Books and supplemental materials

    I have received a grant from the PTO a couple of times. I have been able to get books and other supplemental materials for my students. This has given them new and different ways to help develop and practice basic fundamental skills. Skills that a lot of times, their peers already know. Thank you!!

  • Marathon running club materials

    Last year I was able to purchase some materials for our Marathon Running Club, and this year it is off to a wonderful start. Over 30 students have completed their 5K and several of those are well on their way to their 15K. It is so exciting to see kids wanting to run, and so proud of themselves when the accomplish a goal.

  • Audio books

    For the last couple of years, the PTO awarded the NR library grant money to purchase Play-Aways for our library. Play-Aways are self contained audio books. Unfortunately, Play-Aways are expensive, anywhere from $60-90 apiece. The PTO has purchased over 40 for our library. These are constantly in use! I have had to limit access to them, only allowing students whose teachers have identified as needing this accommodation. This would be mainly children with dyslexia, reluctant or lower lever readers. Besides providing exposure to grade-level vocabulary & themes, they are extremely motivating to the students. It also allows students to discuss popular grade-level books with peers. On behalf of our students, Thanks PTO!

  • Music and fluency program

    My reading intervention students were blessed with a PTO grant for a music and fluency program called Lyrics2Learn. Through the program, they are working to improve fluency and comprehension skills at school and home. Without the PTO's generosity, this would not have been possible.

  • Starting a book club

    I received a teacher grant to start a Book Club at South Prairie. The kids have really enjoyed meeting and it has opened them up to other authors. One of the students went on to read several other books because he liked the author! Another student passed his FAST test and I think part of the reason is he joined the Book Club this summer. He found a love for reading! All of this wouldn't have happened without the support of the PTO Grant which gave me money to buy books and snacks!

  • Even more flexible seating options

    I have gotten a PTO grant and used it for flexible seating. It has benefited the students so they can more around the classroom and sit in different spots, and get their wiggles out. It just allows them to learn in a more comfortable setting to them.

  • And more seating options

    Through the PTO grant my students were able to use a variety of seating options to allow them to learn at their highest levels. The flexible seats allow them to get their wiggles out, while still learning and working.

  • Nearpod Platinum subscription

    We received a grant for one Nearpod Platinum subscription for $349 last year. Nearpod has been SO beneficial to our students. Nearpod Platinum has allowed students to engage with lessons during whole class instruction, as well as complete lessons at their own pace. Students can demonstrate what they have learned by completing interactive activities. Some of these interactive activities include student discourse, peer coaching, collaboration boards, and drawing examples of content knowledge! Fourth graders have been highly engaged while using Nearpod.

  • Non-traditional PE activities

    The additional support that our PTO provides for learning experiences and enrichment has been incredible. In my classroom, grants have provided alternative/non-traditional activities that kids might not otherwise get to experience. In PE class, we have been able to do Fishing skills and a beginners archery unit. Without the PTO, this probably would not have happened! The support for out first Field Day last spring had a huge impact as well.